Name: Tara a.k.a. trshakespeare

Position: Founder/Administrator

Location: Alberta

Favourite Member of TVXQ: I can’t pick one >.< it depends on the day, what the guys are up to in their videos and how they look in their latest pictures.

My TVXQ story: Sometime during 2004 I can’t remember exactly >.< I only became a hardcore fan in the Fall of 2008.  I found them by accident one day by pressing a wrong link which I will forever be thankful for XD which took me to their Tri-angle MV.  At first I was like @.@ what the heck????  For a first time discovering Kpop and TVXQ you can’t tell me that wouldn’t be a little bit of a shock XD.  Any way after that, they were always in the back of my mind and I started listening to their music more and more to the point of becoming the founder of this site. TADA!

Interests: Music (I can’t begin to tell you how much I love music XD especially Kpop music!!!) and writing.

Email: Twitter:



Name: Jeannie a.k.a JaeJoongiesGal

Position: Administrator

Location: Fredericton New Brunswick

Favourite Member of TVXQ: JaeJoong

My TVXQ story: My story began two and a half years ago in my second year of University. I stayed up late one night talking to a friend, who lived in Residence on the floor below me, on MSN messenger. I noticed her msn name which was about TVXQ and her avatar (Changmin in mickey mouse ears from heroine 6) and asked who he was and what her name was about. She explained to me that it was about her favorite band… So I looked them up and bookmarked the page and went to bed. A few days passed and she told me on MSN to come visit her in her room. When I got there we were chatting and she was standing at her book shelf… All of a sudden a book was thrown on my lap (Prince in Prague photobook) and I looked at it oddly wondering what it was. She told me to look at it so I started to flip carefully through the pages when a certain someone popped out at me ~ Kim JaeJoong ~ I stopped at a picture of him looking in the mirror and became mesmerizes by his eyes. She gave me the 411 on who he was, how old, what member status, etc. We pulled an all-nighter that night and watched a lot of youtube. She showed me Heroine 6 and some music videos (O Korean version and Rising Sun Japanese version). I became hooked instantly and have been a fan ever since.

A Mission already completed: I visited South Korea in the summer of 2008 and for a mission I took a Canada flag with me with a bunch of fan messages from other Canadian TVXQ fans on it. On my last day there I went to SM Entertainment and duct taped it to their front door. ^^ I hope this will be able to help us reach our goal further! Hwaiting!!

Email: Myspace & Youtube: drummerchickie   Facebook: Jeannie Rediker



Name: Priya

Position: Writer/Mod

Location: Ontario

Favourite Member of TVXQ: Jaejoong (although Yunho is a close second xD)

My TVXQ Story: My story begins back in February of this year. It was near the last week of the month, when I saw Jaejoong’s  Fan page advertised on the side of Facebook. My first thought when seeing his picture was “Hmm..he’s kinda cute”. After that I just went back to doing what I was doing. However, after that, his fan page kept popping up at random times and I finally got curious and decided to click on the link to his Facebook Fan page.  After that, it was love. xD. I watched their “Mirotic” MV and instantly fell under their spell. XD. Although I was oblivious, at first, that TVXQ existed, I soon came to find that Jae was in fact in a band, not just a solo singer. After a couple of hours on YouTube and songs like “PROUD” and “Love in the Ice”I became a fan. And there you have it. J

Interests: Reading, Manga, Anime & Music

Email: Facebook: Priyanka Aggarwal



Name: Amber aka TVgirlXQ

Position: Writer

Location: Saskatchewan

Favourite Member of TVXQ: I like them all equally, because they basically are one person forming this well-know name TVXQ but every fan girl has to have a member she bonds with right? My “favourite” member is Changmin because he’s so nice and witty, and seems so mature despite that he is the youngest.

My TVXQ story: Before TVXQ was brought into my life I was a bit lost and didn’t really have any real happiness, I just distracted myself. I had a lot of self-hatred and had no real insight on the world. My life was really boring and it was, to me at the time, a waste.

One day, my best friend came rushing into the classroom totally looking crazy and showed me all these pictures she had printed from her computer of these “Asian guys”. I really didn’t know what to think about them at the time. But after I listened to “Rising Sun” I was sold. Every breath I took was of them. It was an obsession!

As time passed, and my fandom and loyalty grew for TVXQ, and I got to learn a little about them, I realized that there was no one in the world quite like them: their personalities were so vibrant and warming and something so different. I have never learned about someone that was so humble (despite all the power that they have over many people) and so mature and wise that it made me awestruck. They are people that work hard for everything that they do and there are no excuses. Words cannot describe the depth of my feelings I feel for them. It’s indescribable and so overpowering that sometimes I feel suffocated or I feel that I could share all of my happiness with the world and still have too much to hold inside of me. They are always the first people I pray for and I’ve become so protective of them, it’s unreal!

I am not IN love with TVXQ. I do not want to marry them or have any romantic fantasy with them – but I do love them. I love them because they are the ones who raised me up when my parents left me. They are the ones who carried me through my hurt and tears and showed me the light when I was blinded by darkness. They are the ones that tore every bitter feeling or thought from my body and made my vision more clear on what it was I needed to do – there are too many things to list, I could write an entire novel!

Because of this experience I feel more purified and, for some reason, think they are a gift from God, helping me coupe with the problems I have faced. I have taken a lot more from TVXQ than I have given to them and I confess that I do not try as hard as they do but I am learning to do so from them. I am learning from the best; therefore, I dedicate my entire life to them.

Interests: I enjoy writing, photography, reading, music, criticizing movies, and learning more about the way humans work.




Name: Boriana a.k.a. syrene

Position: Writer

Location: Ontario

Favourite Member of TVXQ: No such thing. I love them all equally. ♥

My TVXQ story: Sometime late 2005 I had come across Tri-Angle, while searching through some BoA videos, from that moment on I decided to learn more. From then on it was no longer a whatever-ending-theme-to-an-anime kind of interest but an OMG-DBSK!!!♥♥♥  kind of obsession. So yes, lets just call it the usual root ^-^

Interests: Dance, with which you cannot go without music. The two are my life. After that comes art, culture, video games, and a healthy dose of sarcasm.




Name: Azalia

Position: Mod

Location: Ontario

Favourite Member of TVXQ: Yunho, but just a teensy bit more than the others 🙂

My TVXQ story: I first saw them during Tri-Angle period but I didn’t know who they were and so I forgot about them until 2006.  I was into K-drama at that time and found DBSK through this magazine on September.  I’ve been a fan ever since and have no plan in stopping anytime soon.  And yes, I call that fate.

Interests: Art, literature, culture, and cuisine (a.k.a eating :D)




Name: Erika a.k.a threehoursbackx

Position: Graphics team

Location: Ontario

Favourite Member of TVXQ: Chunface. ❤ (With YunJae right behind him XD)

My TVXQ story: To make a long story short… 4 years ago, my best friend told me to watch their Banjun Dramas, and after I watched them, I stumbled upon Hi Ya Ya and Balloons. I was interested in them a bit, and I could only recognize Jaejoong out of the 5. My best friend moved away shortly after, and I stopped listening to them. 2 years later, I moved to a new town, and I met a girl who showed me a live performance of Purple Line, and then Jaejoong performing Maze one day. I’ve been a proud Cassiopeian (or pretending to be one, at least lmao) for 2- almost 3 years. ❤

Interests: Photoshopping, singing, drawing… Being lazy, eating, and sleeping in. ^^




Name: Yotada
Position: Writer/Graphics

Location: Ontario,Toronto
Favourite Member of TVXQ: Jaejoong!
My TVXQ story: I owe my DBSK-ness to my Japanese friend (who came over at 10pm just to make me watch their performance). At first, I had extreme difficulties with their names and faces. in fact, the only person I could honestly recognise was Jaejoong. It wasn’t until I watched X-man that I finally declared myself a Jaejoong-fangirl (Jaejoong vs Changmin anyone?).

This is the first time I’ve ever been so avid on a group. Through my search for DBSK related things, that I gradually learned a bit of the Korean culture. Though I’m still weary of idol groups as a whole, I have learned to respect them immensely. Since becoming a fan of DBSK, they haven’t ceased to make me smile. Those boys are too cute for words and their songs have installed in me, an appreciation of other music genres.

Interests: Writing, Drawing (mainly anime), DIY, Martial arts, Yunjae, BL/Yaoi, reading fanfiction, Piano




If you wish to become a staff member of TVXQ 2 Canada please fill out the following application and send it to:

Staff Application Forms

We are looking for moderators, design/graphics team and writers.




How much experience do you have in the position you are applying for:

Do you have any experience with WordPress? If so how much?:

Examples of work: (for graphic applications only)

How much time can you commit to your position:

Once accepted I would like you to fill out the same few questions as I have above ^^ (Name, position, location, etc…) Thank you!

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