Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | April 17, 2010

Picture of the Day: Sunao Ni Narenakute

Episode 1 and 2 are out of the new Japanese drama that JaeJoong is in ~ Everyone, myself included, should check it out ^^ … From reviews (on a friend’s blog) his acting has gotten better ^^ YAY!

Now on to this picture …

A display case you’d see at a mall with JAEJOONG IN IT!!!! … In this particular case though, the display case is at a subway stop. *Oh lala* … Could you imagine going to catch the subway to work or something and seeing this? It’d make my day 100% complete 😛 *sigh* … Anywho, here is something for you all to stare at for today 😛 ~ JaeJoong Hwaiting! Can’t wait to check out the drama; keep up the good work Oppa ^^


  1. dang cool info dude.

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