Posted by: threehoursbackx | March 26, 2010

Picture of the Day: Mini Bigeastation Compilation

(this is for Fri. March 26)

Hello~ This is Erika posting for Friday’s PotD… Wow. I’ve been away and neglecting my job for so long, and I really apologize. T__T I will try my best to keep up with this… Although, I know you’re thinking, “…You only have to post once a week, and you’re not able to do that?” I know. And again, I apologize.

I saw this image on Tumblr today and felt a rush of nostalgia. It’s sad to know that Bigeastation is over… But it doesn’t mean we can’t re-live the dorky moments of our Toho boys on the radio! XD GOE;SS is the best for subbing almost (? lol i’m not sure) all of the Bigeastation episodes… I miss Junko-chan 😛

Episode 62:

Jejung: Junko, your cooking is really delicious, seriously.
Junsu (aka Junko):
Junko is so happyyyyy!~~~ -insert Jejung laughter here-

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