Posted by: priya9095 | January 25, 2010

Picture of the Day: Jaejoong pic spam


Daily dose of TVXQ moments:

Jaejoong pic spam

2007 Calendar

1st Story Book


O Jung Ban Hap



Bora Bora Photobook

TSC backstage

-squishes him-



Legendary Hamtaro pjs xD

Bonjour Paris


imagine that at home. xD

waiting for you~ to pick him up xD

grump jae ❤

imagine THIS at home. <33

scratch that. THIS AT HOME.-dies-


so cute

love his smile

nosebleed time


jaejoong on ground…-hides mind-

best show ever

nosebleed enough yet? : P

who WOULDNT want to tie him up on a wall.

-hides thoughts-

he looks so innocent

ok enough with the nosebleeding : P

yunjae ❤

-sings happy birthday-

My bias towards jae comes out I think. LOL. : D. but yes. He is now 25 korean years. And of course to celebrate we have the above pictures. : P So happy birthday to him, and you all have a wonderful day. As for me..I start the intense studying for exams. lol

Credit: As tagged



  1. The evolution of Jaejoong

    From awwww how sweet to…



    Where can I get me some of that??

    *hides from Jaejoong fans*

  2. omg ………………

    hero pic’s really makes me nosebleed..

    any way, saengil chukae for ajejoong
    wish u all d best, dear….

    may i take the pics for my record?????

    plis, pils, pls………….,,,,,,


  3. OMG this post is awesome!!

    love him so much… wish him the best of luck in his 2 tv shows and….

    i have a question….

    are you sure he’s human and not a god?

  4. Seriously, are you trying to kill us. But what a way to go! LOl
    Thanks for the eye candy.

  5. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa q guapo me encanta q sexy

  6. oh my gods. now i’m in heaven.
    how lucky yunnie is.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    my blood *hic hic*

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