Posted by: syrene073 | December 17, 2009

Picture of the Day – We are the Future

Okay so the title makes more sense if you knew who HOT was, but anyways~

I’ve noticed that in our entire history of picture-of-the-day posts, we are always looking back at old time, old pictures of past conferences, concerts, photo shoots, etc. So let’s take a different route and take a look at a picture of something that’s coming up.

Yes my friends, this, these are the covers to the new BREAK OUT! Single. Now technically this is two pictures, but they look smexy in both and really, how is a girl to choose, so I merged the two and tada! Alas, one picture…*cough* ^^’

And to those who possibly haven’t heard yet there is a fan project in the works with this single, so if you wish, join us in spreading the love and supporting the boys, and I suppose if that isn’t reason enough, you get your own copy of the single too. You can find more information at

So to all, stay healthy, bundle up for the winter ahead, and

~Always Keep the Faith~



  1. i really love it..emm..looks very good..but thinking about, when they looks awful

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