Posted by: priya9095 | December 7, 2009

Picture of the Day: Young Yunho

Daily dose of TVXQ moments:

Yunho during debut days

Isn’t he just precious? He was soo young and innocent back then..heck they all were. And now he has grown up into the hot man that he is..loosing the innocent crooked teeth..growing taller..and just plain old growing up turned him into the responsible man he is now and we all love <3.


  1. Aww, I miss his crooked teeth ♥

    Although it would be weird to him in their later activities with them…

    I can imagine it now,
    with cute little crooked teeth

  2. I fall in love with him in Hug MV.
    The boy in green shirt and his smile. eiei

  3. lol aww Yunnie… what a cutie.. I loved the pudgy cheeks back then ❤

  4. يالبيييييييييييه فديت عمرك

  5. hiya 😀 he’s so so cute nee~

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