Posted by: priya9095 | November 23, 2009

Video of the Week

The video for this week is completely my bias. xD. One of my, if not most, favourite songs done by them: Love in the Ice (T-Concert Live).

I had always loved this song when I had heard previous versions of it and read the translation lyrics but there’s just something about this live that always amazes me and touches my heart more than any other. It is so powerful and really shows their talent. They put so much emotion into it that its breathtaking.I think that if I had to choose the last song that I ever heard in my life, it just may very well be the audio to this live performance. I love it with all my heart.

Another thing that I love love about this, is the band version of it at the end when they finish singing and are saying goodbye. It sounds very powerful and yet melancholic. I think they should sing it with that audio in the background and it would be completely amazing. Another thing, they always manage to sound amazing even after singing 20+ songs. This was, I believe, the last song they sang that night and we all know how much energy they put into each and every song. What always gets me is that they can still sound flawless after it all.

Both versions of this song are amazing, but it is always this live that just gets to me. THIS is one reason why I love them. ❤

Youtube Video Credit: xswtxchiqx


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