Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | November 11, 2009

You’ve Got The Wrong Number

“You’ve got the wrong number. You’ve got the wrong number.

I’m sorry you’ve got the wrong number, so don’t call me no more”

This can be heard if someone called me and reached my voicemail *lol*


Yes, I took the liberty of incorporating our lovely TVXQ into even the finest detail of my every day life and I encourage you all to do the same in some aspect or another; only if it intrigues you to do so though of course.

I can only imagine what people must think when they reach my voicemail (well the people who don’t personally know me / the people who don’t know me and my love for Kpop and TVXQ). They’re probably on the other end going “hello? … Hello!?” hahaha it cracks me up to just imagine it.

Anywho, that’s all I had for that little rant. I was asked to write a little blurb on it so here it is ^^ … Take it and run with it!

~Always Keep The Faith~

– Jeannie


  1. ahahahaa
    that is soooo awsome xD
    i can imagine..
    “you got the wrong number”


  2. 😉 Tara’s called me and all I hear is “hahahahahahahahahahaha” in the message o.O lol

  3. lol yeah when you hear it for the first time and are a TVXQ fan it’s pretty hilarious XD

  4. LOL ^^ i still have your voice mail it cracks me up

  5. LOL
    i would think it would be funny
    pure awsomeness

  6. omg you still have my voicemail your kidding XD

  7. omg! That is cute and funny. Good idea. xDD

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