Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | November 10, 2009

Picture of the Day: Back to the Beginning~ish


Yes, yes I know what your thinking “wow this is an old picture” but I find it rather elegant. The background is dark and there is nothing to focus on ~ therefore we focus on the only thing we should be focusing on anyway and that, my friends, would be TVXQ.

I usually criticize pictures thinking someone is out of place with their clothes or their hair is too long but I find that this picture suits my taste just right. So I chose it. But I have other reasons as to why I chose it:

I feel that we should take time to look back at them ~ who they were and who they have grown to become. They were young and now they are mature. They were beginners and now they are leaders.

Look at them, look at each member one by one, are you not awed? I am. Because they are incredible ^^

– Jeannie


  1. The only one that looks exactly the same now is Junsu. LOL. Others looked either more nervous (Yoochun and Jaejoong) or much younger (Yunho and Changmin) in the picture.

  2. junsu is the same..yoochun too i think..jae joong is pretty..i bet he always be..changmin and yunho looks innocent..

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