Posted by: trshakespeare | November 9, 2009

Video of the Week: MBC Every1 – The Star Secret Documentary

I think with all that has been going on, this documentary came out at the prefect time.  Especially for us International Fans.  We have it the hardest because we have to wait for the news and we do not know if what is being translated is accurate enough.

Anyway, I watched this when it first came out without the subs and it made me smile. With subs it made me smile even more!

I would like to thank the awesome team at DBSKnights Subbers for subbing this Documentary,  check out their site for other subbed goodies:

The rest of the videos are under the cut … Please click on more….

Credit for Translation and subbing: DBSKnights @ and DBSKnights Subbers @

Korean Translator: d0ngbangl0ve

Japanese Translator: aly

Timer/Typesetter: fseventh

Qcer: dreammssxx

Encoder: mcl0521

Raw: dopamine


  1. so much

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