Posted by: azalia92 | October 12, 2009

[Staff Intro] Azalia

Yo people! (Yes I am copying Jaejoong.)

My name is Azalia. I’m 17 years old and I live in GTA. Is that formal enough? Haha. Anyway, I’ll just go straight to my DBSK story.

It was the year of 2006, the year of Full House and Goong and other good K-dramas. Long story short, I got into the whole Korean shebang and I saw the PV for ‘Begin’. I liked the song but my first impression of their appearances was not so good. I didn’t think they were attractive except for Jaejoong, lol. He attracted me but it still wasn’t enough until I saw YunJae in Dangerous Love. Yes I am a YunJae fan and not in just a “brotherly” sense either. I know some people don’t like the coupling but that is why I am mentioning it right now. I won’t say anything to you if you don’t like YunJae as a couple but please don’t bash them in front of me either 🙂

Anyway, back to the story. I finally searched for them on the internet and before I knew it I fell in love with them. Why you may ask? I don’t know myself. Why do you love your friends? Why do you love your boyfriend/girlfriend? I’ve said this many times; you don’t always need reasons to feel the way that you do – you just do! ^^ I can list thousands of reasons why they’re so awesome but even that still wouldn’t explain why I like them. I just do, haha.

The more I got to know them the more Yunho stood out amongst the other four. His leadership qualities got me and he became my favorite member; he has been my favorite ever since. I would have to say that I like him just a tiny bit more than the other four. Don’t get me wrong, I love all five ~ don’t ask me to rank them because I can’t. I love them all equally but I like Yunho just a tad bit more.

What else? I am a high school senior right now and I will be going to university next year but I don’t know what I’m going to take yet. There’s this thing about doing what you like or doing whatever brings in the money – the ‘dream vs. money’ thing. And that’s the thing that i’m thinking about right now. Oh well, we’ll see 🙂

Well, I guess that’s everything you need to know about me.  If anyone wants to know more, feel free to ask, lol. And of course, ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! 🙂

– Azalia

p.s. Thank you so much for Jeannie a.k.a JaejoongiesGal for making this post intelligible, lol.


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  1. ok i must say this once..YUNJAE IS LOVE! XD
    –loves yunjae too–

    ahh we’re the going off to uni next year too AND we live near each other. 😀

    i would say more but i have to rush off to school soon…and as such leave you with a nice to meet you xD

  2. Hurray! More Yunjae fans! Omo! in that case, you will LOVE my next post (hint hint)

    Funny enough, it was also Dangerous Love that got me to start liking DBSK.

    Oh the power of Yunjae~ \(^ O ^)/

    Welcome to the crew!

    p.s. If you’re ever short of Yunjae fanfiction, You can run to me >.< I've got a whole library dedicated to the "Parents" (I'm also working on translating some of the Chinese stories into English so I can spread the love XD)

    • –is short on yunjae fanfic–
      i think one of these days im going to try and write one for myself. although i think im better at poems than actual stories and what not.
      but one goal is to write a story of some sort involving yunjae. xD

      • 1 set of Yunjae fanfics coming right up XD

        I firstly recommend you to read all of Poppycock and Quirke’s stories (if you haven’t already)

        I love both their stories to bits >.<

        Quirke's livejournal account –

        a complete list of Poppycock's stories –

        happy reading! Let me now if you need more XD

  3. hey r u the azalia that i i love your dbsk story… Yunjae forever ❤

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