Posted by: yotada | October 7, 2009

[Staff Intro] Yotada


I’m Yotada >.<   and I’m a 20 year old international student living in Downtown Toronto .

January of this year, my friend (who has some Japanese background) introduced me to Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki/TVXQ).  I admit that at first, I was skeptical. I’ve seen many idols/artists before, and though I may like their music I seldom become attached to them.

My friend was relentless in her recommendation that I check out DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki), and I finally conceded defeat when she actually came over to my res and forced me to watch their performance on Youtube. I feigned interest when she first showed me a Misheard version of Mirotic and Wrong Number in an attempt to  make me laugh. I didn’t really like Mirotic’s melody, but Wrong Number had a catchy tune which caught my attention.

In a last ditch attempt to convert me into a DBSK fan, she left me with a list of DBSK’s dramas and shows and made me promise to at least watch some of the videos she left on my browser. That night, I watched DBSK perform their ‘O Jung Ban Hap’  at the Asian Pacific.  The part that left the most impression on me was the part where they all went “WHOOOO!” and stepped outwards with one hand lifted. I liked the dance choreography, so I watched it repeatedly for a few more times. Eventually, the song grew on me, and I learned to appreciate ‘O’ as a whole. Having admitted to my friend that I like their ‘O’ performance, my friend immediately told me to check out their banjun dramas. My interest was pigued, so I complied. I first watched “Dangerous Love” and I believe it was then that I started slowly liking DBSK.

The only member I could confidently recognize back then was Jaejoong. He has this otherworldly beauty that simply forces people to notice him. I especially remember thinking that he reminds me of Snow White (black hair, pale skin, blood-red lips)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same for the other members. Though they are all good looking in their own stead, their looks were not as exotic as Jaejoong’s (the fact that the other four members had similar dyed hairs did not help at all). I couldn’t tell the difference between Changmin Yoochun and Junsu. I eventually learned to differentiate Yunho simply because compared to the other members, Yunho’s eyes were closer to one another. XD  I had extreme difficulties with their names at first, not to mention the term, “Hyung” confused me to no end. Gradually though, I learned who each of them were, and it was in “The King’s Man parody” that I honestly started liking every member in the group. I could recognize Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin’s faces then, but I still got Junsu  and Yoochun’s names mixed up for some reason. The 3rd show that I watched of DBSK was Xman, more specifically, the  Jaejoong vs. Changmin part in “Of Course”.

After having laughed myself into a coma (despite not knowing the rules of the game), I have declared myself a Jaejoong fan, and have since then, started my part time job in catching up to everything TVXQ related. Imagine my surprise when, 3 days later, I find out that TVXQ were the ones who sang the remade “We Are” for One Piece! I ‘m an avid anime fan, and having heard the OP song, I fell for the lead voice (the one who sang the part, “…Pocket no Coin…”) I was absolutely delighted to learn that it was Jaejoong’s voice that sang that all along! I really owe it to my friend that I became a fan of TVXQ . It’s the first time I’ve ever become so avid on a group. It was through my search for DBSK related things, that I gradually learned a bit of the Korean culture. Though I’m still weary of idol groups as a whole, I have learned to respect them immensely.

Since becoming a fan of DBSK, they haven’t ceased to make me smile. Those boys are too cute for words and their songs have installed in me, an appreciation of other music genres. The only complaint I have is that now that I have finally learned to appreciate the “Mirotic” melody, the only thing I can hear is the misheard lyrics, “No naked pajama… naked Mitchell……hand that syrup sir….”     oh dear….

3 facts about moi:

1. I love TVXQ, fanfiction, writing, drawing, playing the piano, dancing, reading, Anime,  BL/yaoi (Yunjae XD)  and much much more! (can all those above be counted as 1 fact?)

2. I’m a Taiwanese who grew up in Africa and has an interest in Japan and Korea. (yet I’m studying in Canada?)

3. I have a black belt in Taekwondo, a purple belt in Karate, and  3 months of training in Chinese Kong Fu, yet I still run at the sight of a cockroach.

– Yotada

p.s. I commend anyone who read my entire….essay? Have a cookie >.<


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  1. I’ll be the first to comment I guess because I’m a JaeJoong fan as well *lol* … My story is a bit different thou but yes JaeJoong just stands out and IS noticed no matter what *love sigh* lol … Welcome to the team and as long as we come to terms that we are both in love with JaeJoong and as long as we don’t fight over him I think we’ll get along just fine >.< lol … Xman … hahaha that battle is the battle that should go in the history books.

    "Weren't those my pyjama's?" …… "I'm sorry" lol

    • YO!

      I replied fashionable late XD

      But thanks! I look forward to working with everyone! JJ needs all the love he can get, so of course I’m willing to share XD , don’t you think I’m generous? *gets slapped*

      My fav part in the Xman was when….our dear double J ruined Changmin’s image by commenting on his porn collection….I died at that part XD

  2. *waves*
    ^I agree. Jaejoong DOES stand out xD –reason why I found dbsk xD–
    and that misheard lyrics vid is die worthy xD SO funny. and I know what you mean..ever watched the parody of rising sun that makes fun of Min watching “vidoes”? You will never listen to rising sun the same way again. xD
    i love anime too xD. OP is pretty awsome, although ive only read the manga…catching up on 400+ episodes would take forever >< lol

    • Parody of Rising sun? I haven’t seen it! O_O (goes to search for it immediately)

      I have read a fanfiction recently though…and god, but I can’t listen to Yoochun’s scream in Bolero the same way ever again….

      • LOL.
        oh my
        –hides mind–
        i think i can think of why you cant listen to yoochun’s scream..
        –hides mind–
        and ill come back and see if i can find that link..its a must see. xD

  3. so funny xD

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