Posted by: tvgirlxq | September 21, 2009

[Staff Intro] TVgirlXQ


My name is Amber (nicknames: Ambie, Amberger, Ambertskie), but most of you will know me as TvgirlXQ (pronounced: TVXQ girl). I am fifteen and I’ve lived in Saskatoon, Sask. my entire life thus far—hopefully not forever though!

I am sitting her now with my hello kitty stuffed-animal pondering on what I should write about, or where to start and how to start.

I could start by saying that I have been a loyal fan of TVXQ for over three years and it’s been an amazing journey for me! I’ve gained so much knowledge from them. Over the three years, I have also decided about what I’ll be doing for my life’s career: writing! 

I plan on getting the most awesome education in English, History, and Creative Writing so that I can become a phenomenal writer for teenage romance novels.

I enjoy hanging out with my brother (odd I know), watching and criticizing movies, shopping, reading, photography, and pretending my life is a movies with intense scenes of romance, horror, terror, and drama.

I’m going to make this short since I am quite busy at the moment. I wish you all happiness and I wish, or course, our boys’ happiness. 

DBSK hwaiting! 





If you wish to become a staff member of TVXQ 2 Canada please fill out the following application and send it to:

Staff Application Forms

We are looking for moderators, design/graphics team and writers.




How much experience do you have in the position you are applying for:

Do you have any experience with WordPress? If so how much?:

Examples of work: (for graphic applications only)

How much time can you commit to your position:


Once accepted I would like you to fill out the same few questions as I have above ^^ (Name, position, location, etc…) Thank you!

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