Posted by: priya9095 | September 17, 2009

T-shirts! T-shirts! Get your T-shirts!

SO!  This, I suppose, is really my first official post :).  I haven’t really done anything as amazing or as cool as getting a tattoo or styling my hair, but I did one day decide to make a TVXQ themed T-shirt. The idea came from a friend who had wanted to make a T-shirt and so I thought, “Hey! I can make a TVXQ T-Shirt!”  I was really excited! lol. So when summer rolled around, and when we were both bored, we decided to get together and start on making our T-shirts.

What I found out (the hard way) is that it is better not to buy a ribbed T-shirt. The one I ended up buying was ribbed and it worked out alright, but it is better to buy a T-shirt that is plain cloth. Ribbed Tees are the kind where you can see the thread that’s woven. With this type of material you would be able to run your hands over the fabric and feel the bumps (hence why it is called ribbed). The reason it is better to buy a plain Tee is because the paint goes on easier and you don’t have to worry about cracks appearing/if you miss a spot. I also think it looks cleaner with a plain cloth Tee (my friend had a plain cloth Tee lol).

For the colour, it can really be any colour you choose. It doesn’t HAVE to be white. It works out perfectly fine with other colours as well, but in my case I did choose the customary white. My friend and I just went around a thrift store and bought cheap T-shirts. That way if we ended up messing up really bad we didn’t just waste a brand new and expensive T-shirt. I suggest you to do the same.

As for paint, we headed over to a Michael’s store and bought some fabric paint. It wasn’t too expensive so it was alright to do so. You have to be careful when you do buy fabric paint because some are the type that pop-out where the paint won’t lay flat after drying. It is fine if this is what you want but it is just a heads ups for those of you who do not this 🙂

You should also have an idea of what you want on your shirt before you actually go and buy all of the stuff. This way you can decide on colours and so on.

When starting your shirts; you shouldn’t just rush into it and splash paint everywhere (unless you’re going for that artist feel with random paint blobs everywhere). You will need to make stencils.  But first you need to figure out what you’re actually going to write on the T-Shirt! lol. What I decided to do was “TVXQ LIFE’S SOUNDTRACK”. I got the idea after watching one of their performances of “My Melody” that had subs. One line at the end said “life’s soundtrack” and then it hit me to use this. lol. For the back, I was watching yet another video, this time it was of their HUG performance on the variety show for AADBSK2 (I think). So, of course you hear the Cassies chanting that chant during the musical breaks within the song. With this said, I decided to do the Hug chant on the back. lol.

The stencils themselves should be done out of thick paper. I used sketchbook paper as it is thicker than just normal printing paper. This ensures that the paint does not leak through the paper when you use it as a stencil. You also need to be careful on how you do your stencil because sometimes while it looks good on the paper, when you cut it out, it can turn into something totally different. I again found this out the hard way. lol. But I was able to use it in the end. I had all of my letters joined together, so that when you cut it out, it was one big hole basically in the middle of the page. I fixed the problem by outlining the letters afterwards. I think it turned out alright. 🙂

For the back, I was seriously having trouble writing their whole names in English. Wayyyy too long. Especially Jae’s name. lol. My friend suggested that I just write it out in Korean. Genius right? lol. So then internet hunting ensued. I got the Hug chant altogether then thought “CRAP! I can’t write in Korean!” Again my genius friend said to just print it out in really big, bolded font. It worked out. And this is the result! xD

I totally love the back. xD lol

For when you do start painting, I would suggest that you use a sponge rather than a paint brush as it is MUCH easier and gets the job done quicker. I also think that it looks neater.

ALSO! MAKE SURE YOU PUT A PIECE OF CARDBOARD IN YOUR SHIRT BEFORE PAINTING! Otherwise the paint will leak through onto the other side and it’ll be a sad day. lol.

Afterwards, make sure to read the instructions on the back of the paint box. For my friend and I it said to wait 72 hours before washing it and make sure the shirt is completely dry before ironing it. The instructions may vary depending on the type of paint you decide to use.

And there you have it. A TVXQ T-shirt.  😛

I actually have yet to wear it in public. lol. I guess I’m waiting for the right moment or something. lol. I hope that by wearing it I will found some more fans. I do plan on wearing it to school one day. But I am just not too sure when.



  1. Wow! This is so epic!!!! I totally love them! My friend and I are also thinking about getting Tee’s made. I love your idea. : D

    • awe thanks xD
      you should def. try and make some..although when you have a WHOLE day free. lol. its awsome fun especially if you blast music and sing/dance along to it. xD

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