Posted by: trshakespeare | August 13, 2009

[FANPROJECT] “Stand by U” Project


Hi guys!

So, regarding the SBU Project, we’ve decided on the final date, which is SUNDAY, AUGUST 16th (Japanese Time).
We’re aiming for #1 spot in Oricon Daily Chart on TUESDAY, AUGUST 18th because Tuesday is the lowest sales day in a week so we have more chances of getting #1. But since it takes 1-2 days to process sales in online stores, we decided Sunday as the day to buy the sales.ONLY buy from HMV JAPAN or CD JAPANsince those two stores count towards Oricon Chart.Let’s make this happen and spread the words!



~ Azalia


For more information and if you have any more questions, please visit this site.

I hope as many people as possible participate in this project!  If we can make the Always Keep the Faith videos successful than we can make this project successful to!!!

~Tara and Jeannie 


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