Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | July 23, 2009

[Staff Intro] JaeJoongiesGal

Good Day!

My name is Jeannie Rediker, I am 24 and I am from Fredericton New Brunswick although I am currently living and teaching English in Busan South Korea.

I have been a TVXQ fan for about 4 years now. They have become a very big part of my life and have been a very big inspiration to me. ^^

I had the opportunity to go to South Korea in August of 2008 where I was able to attend SM Town Live 08. It was here that I was able to see those 5 angelic leaders of the Kpop world walk down the stage to greet everyone before coming out to perform. They were very pure ~ just as pure as we see on youtube ((face it… it’s the only place we can watch them lol)). Yunho seemed to shine that day ~ I guess that’s why they call him leader sshi right? ^^ I was very impressed with him and with the rest ~ it definitely reassured my love for them (I lost my voice from screaming for 4 days after *ugh* lol).

Also, while in Korea on my last day there (so I couldn’t get arrested I guess *jk*) I went to SM Entertainment’s front door and proudly DUCT TAPPED a Canada Flag on it. *I do have pictures for all who would like to see* This Canada flag had messages on it from Canadian fans to TVXQ and I hope they have received it.

I had such a wonderful time over there that I decided to go back to teach English.

Above and beyond this ~ in my dedication to TVXQ ~ I have been the head of RED DAY on the Canadian Forum where we put a notice out to the members on the 26th day of every month to wear something red and have a day solely dedicated to the fab 5. We use the 26th as Red Day because this is the day that the boys debuted… December 26th ((come to think of it… that is my mother’s birthday *lol*)) … Ok back on topic…

I love music… I was very into Rock before being exposed to Kpop. I used to be able to pick out a band just by their voices but Kpop or more specifically TVXQ  has corrupted me and now I don’t know who is who until I see their names *lol*. I listen to various Korean bands, some Japanese and one Chinese artist (Jay Chou). I would like to continue to broaden my horizons with more and more bands ~ I look forward to people sharing bands with me ^^ But don’t ever expect me to say that I like them more than TVXQ because it won’t ever happen in this life time ><” .

I hope that we all can make this a fun and a memorable experience. HWAITING!!

~Jeannie aka JaeJoongiesGal~ (Admin)

PS!!!!! *look below*

If you wish to become a staff member of TVXQ 2 Canada please fill out the following application and send it to:

 Staff Application Forms

 We are looking for moderators, design/graphics team and writers.




How much experience do you have in the position you are applying for:

Do you have any experience with WordPress? If so how much?:

Examples of work: (for graphic applications only)

How much time can you commit to your position:



  1. Hi Jeannie! Just dropping by to show my support on your new site. Welcome to WordPress! Another site to spread the Dong Bang Shin Ki love. 😀

  2. hey Clarissa ^^ Thanks for stopping by. It isn’t necessarily my site *lol* Tara has put a lot of time and effort into this. I’m just tagging along for the ride / helping 😛

    Thanks for the support!

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