Posted by: trshakespeare | July 20, 2009


 Welcome to the TVXQ 2 Canada website.  It is still under construction so please bear with me >.< I hope to have this site up and running by the end of the week.

 This site is intended to help TVXQ Fans in Canada create media attention in the hopes of one day having TVXQ come to visit us and play here in Canada.

 Here on this site we will help create ways to spread TVXQ love right across the country.  I want everyone to understand that this is not going to happen over night it is going to take a lot of time and effort.  We, the fans, have to be really dedicated to make his happen! So we first and foremost NEED your help in promoting this website.

 We will have banners, wallpapers, signature and buttons for your use soon.  So PLEASE watch for updates!!!

 I, myself will try to post something at least once a week with activities, crafts and other creative ideas.  Right now the date set for this is Tuesdays starting next week. I will let you know if that changes! ^^

 This is as much my blog as it is your blog, so if you have any great and creative ideas please email them to us at: . This will be the official site email address and we will have someone to check this account at least once per day.  We will definitely be sure to credit you when we post your ideas!

 We will also be looking for staff to help out with the site so look for an application in the staff section when it is up and running. Thanks!

 Looking foreword to our journey together!

 Your founder,



  1. *throws confetti* YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is awesome :]
    i’m willing to do whatevaaaa if it means tvxq can get more exposure here : D

  3. Always Keep The Faith: Message from Arab Fans to TVXQ

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