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Welcome To TVXQ 2 Canada

Welcome to the TVXQ 2 Canada wordpress site!!

How this site got its name:  TVXQ 2 Canada.  We want to bring TVXQ to Canada in the sense that we want the whole of Canada to know who TVXQ are. We want to create a huge fan base here in the hopes that one day they will come and visit Canada!!

On this site you will find ways that fans in Canada are already spreading TVXQ love and how you can get involved and do it too. Along with the ways that fans in other parts of the world are trying to spread TVXQ love as well.

We here at TVXQ2Canada would LOVE it if you would leave comments.  Such as what you think of the ideas that are being posted on this site and if you are taking part in them too. We would like to know this so that we know what we are doing is really reaching out to the people of Canada ^^

We are currently looking for dedicated staff as writers, graphic designers and moderators.  Apply using the form from the STAFF page and email it to us at

So let’s spread TVXQ LOVE together ~

Please enjoy our site!

And if you could take part in our poll so that we can see where TVXQ fans are in Canada, that would be really lovely!!

Thank you!!


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Video of the Month: Learn Korean with Yunho

Would you like to learn some Korean (and a little Japanese as well)? Look no further!!!

Video Credits: tvxqyoubou.multiply

Have Fun and Enjoy ^^

– Jeannie

PS: try to learn something rather than just staring at the teacher  ><” haha

~ Always Keep The Faith

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[Fan Project] UNDER OUR SKY: TVXQ! Globally

I have created a site specifically for this project. Please if you have any further questions and/or looking for updates please go here:

In Association With All TVXQ Fandom’s


Ok, it is not like they need world wide exposure because they are known world wide already.  But think of this opportunity as a boost to the word wide popularity they already have.

I know what you are all thinking, is this the right time to do a project like this?

Well my answer to your questions is: YES! Read More…

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~ And We’re Back! … Or at least I am.

Hello everyone,

I don’t know how active this page is anymore but I’m going to update from now on anyway.

It seems that our staff has be super busy with school, work, and other activities in their lives and thus have forgotten about the blog.

For myself, I’ve been busy with work. I moved to Busan South Korea 8 and a half months ago to try out teaching for a year at a private academy. But, this blog isn’t about me so lets move on…

For those of you making the connection between me living in Busan and JYJ holding two concerts there this past weekend. I did manage to go to both concerts and I would love to share my experience with you all.

So I will update with that along with official news about the turnout for the concert and press forward from there.

I support all 5 members so I will be pressing forward with info about Changmin and Yunho as well, no worries.

Please be patient with me though ^^



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When all else seems hopeless…

Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | July 10, 2010

Picture of the Day: Changmin’s chest ><"

I only have one question – When did Mr. Shim Changmin get so buff!? I saw this picture and almost fell off of my chair. WOW!

Enjoy ladies 😉

~ Always Keep The Faith

Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | July 3, 2010

TVXQ 7th Anniversery Project: Hosted by Aethiopeia

Spreading the word about an upcoming TVXQ fan project hosted by Aethiopeia (TVXQ North America fanclub). All are welcome to participate so I encourage you to do so!

~ Always Keep The Faith

Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | July 3, 2010

Picture of the Day: JaeJoong’s Lower Back Tattoo

Hey look it is Joongies Butt ^^ … Ok sorry I had to notice.

So his lower back tattoo was revealed a couple weeks ago or something? So I thought I’d use this picture as my picture of the day.

I find that all of JaeJoong’s tattoos are awesome. Not just because they’re on the most amazing man’s body *ahem* but they’re really symbolic and I love it and them!!

So his tattoo as you can see is in roman numerals.

On the left side it shows 0126 (January 26 – his registered birthday) and shadowing from it on the right is 0204 (February 4 – his actual birthday).

So simplistic yet so amazing! *sigh* Isn’t he wonderful? *lol*

– Jeannie

~ Always Keep The Faith

Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | June 26, 2010

Picture of the Day: Changmin @ Chanel Event

Looks like Changmin is coming around again ~ going to events and such ^^ Yay!

Enjoy the pic of the day. I love his outfit!!

~ Always Keep The Faith

Posted by: priya9095 | June 21, 2010

Picture of the Day: Yunho @ Goong PressCon

Daily dose of TVXQ moments:

Goong Press Conference: Yunho, THE Prince.

Prince <3.

What can I say? He looks SO good dressed up like that. xD. Prince Charming? I think so. I’m totally loving the hair <33333.

Credit: as tagged


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Picture of the Day: Crazy Men :P

I Miss This So Much…

Always Keep The Faith

Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | June 12, 2010

Picture of the Day: Yunho “This is It”

I know this photo shoot was a while ago and it is nothing new but this picture is new to me.

Sure I’ve seen the photo shoot before but I think I overlooked this specific picture so I thought I’d share.



Always Keep The Faith ❤

Posted by: jaejoongiesgal | June 5, 2010

Picture SPAM of the Day ^^ JaeChunSu Lotte Duty Free

Trying to only pick ONE picture to post out of this photo shoot  was way too overwhelming and stressful. So enjoy this lovely picture spam on your Saturday!!!

~ Always Keep The Faith~

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